Quartz Worktops

Kitchen quartz worktops are considered social, aesthetic and functional centrepiece of the kitchen interior. Outstanding durability, high temperature tolerance and natural elegance with ease of care & maintenance, quartz has become preferred choice in kitchen worktops among homeowners. Our range of cheap quartz worktops offers more than 50 different shades in standard and bespoke colours. Due to availability of innumerable options in quartz colours with homogeneous surface appearance makes it quite popular option in worktops.

How quartz is different from granite?

Quartz is also belongs to the category of natural stone like granite, marble and sandstone. The only difference is in its chemical composition and physical appearance. Unlike granite quartz is not quarried in the form of large chunks instead it is extracted in the form of large crystals.

Granite is composed of quartz, mica and feldspar where as quartz contains silicone and oxygen molecules. Quartz worktops typically contain 93% quartz crystals and remaining 7% include colouring agents and resin binders. This is the reason that quartz worktop’s hardness is counted next to diamond.

Quartz colours

Our inventory of quartz colours includes almost every available shade that is imported from different parts of the world. Take a quick look to popular shades of quartz worktops under standard and bespoke colours.

    1. Standard quartz colours

Artico, Bianco Luminoso, Bianco Grigio, Multicolore Pearla, Luna and numerous other shades are available.

    1. Bespoke quartz colours

Carmello, Brunastro, Concreto, Nero Metallo, Grigio Metallo, Cocoa along other exquisite shades accessible on reduced price.

Natural stone worktops like quartz and granite exhibit the classic elegance that is hard to find in any engineered tone worktops. If you are an admirer of durability and uniform colour finish in kitchen tops then quartz is definitely of your taste. Let us help you to renovate your kitchen interiors by installing the best quality quartz worktops in cheap.

Call us today and get your free quartz price quote. You can also order 3 samples of your choice in quartz stone in just £10.

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