Granite Care and Maintenance

Know your Granite for better Installation and Maintenance.

Warm, natural, beautiful and solid are some adjectives used to describe granite worktops. They are an indicator of the uniqueness of the naturally available material; granite. This is an igneous rock which is made from the earth’s magma and is a combination of various minerals such as mica, quartz and feldspar. The Latin word ‘granum’ which means grain is from where granite got its name. This grainy feature of granite gives it a unique and distinct texture. Mineralogists have classified as a coarse grained material. Like most other natural stones such as limestone and marble, granite is thousands of years old.

For effective and efficient granite installation and maintenance it is necessary that every buyer of granite must know the physical properties of this magnificent stone.

One should know that like all other natural rocks, granite also has a porous surface. This indicates that liquids like oil and water can penetrate it if it’s not sealed in a proper manner. As compared to the diamond, granite is the second hardest natural stone found all over the world. It is considered as a reliable material for making worktops because it is more than strong enough for daily and rigorous use. It is perfect for worktops because it’s hard as well as durable. Learning about granite worktops is essential as it can aid people in understanding and appreciating its beauty.

The features of this rock depend on the particular location in which it was formed. Although its spread all over the globe, most of its high volume comes from specific countries like China, Brazil, India, Africa, Norway and Spain. Based on its colour, the location of the rock can be determined. The minerals which are fused inside each slab of granite influence its colour. Furthermore, granite worktops can be available in a number of finishes such as honed, polished and brushed or flamed. Each of these techniques gives the stone a different and special appearance. As per their finish style granite worktops cleaning are suggested by the experts.

There are a multitude of reasons why granite has become the preference of people when it comes to choosing their worktops. Our granite worktops can provide people with a large number of benefits. As mentioned above, granite is a hard and strong stone and can therefore withstand years of extensive use. In terms of durability of worktops, granite has no match because it can last for a long time. The appearance of granite is another unique property the stone possesses. Not only does it have a natural beauty but it is also sophisticated and elegant without doubt. With this appearance, it gives kitchen a substantial and timeless appeal.

The strength of granite worktops also enable them to be resilient to scratches and hold up to heat. Its coloration also remains constant as the day it was installed; no matter how much it is used, it continues to be bright and vibrant as day one. What’s more is that, two pieces of granite will not be identical so everyone can have a one-of-a-kind worktop. Maintenance of granite is also quite simple, once it has been sealed. All that has to be done is wiping it off after use with water and soap. No special sealant or cleaner required. All these highlight why granite is the worktop material of choice.

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