From Quarry to Home

How your favorite granite slabs are mined, refined and reach your home?

When it comes to re-modelling a kitchen, a large majority of people opt to install granite worktops. The reason behind this is that worktops made out of granite add beauty, elegance and sophistication to a kitchen and they are highly functional as well. Granite is a naturally occurring material which has lots of properties that enable it to be used for making worktops. It is one of the hardest rocks that can be found in this world. Granite worktops have become a trend because the appearance of granite makes homes look expensive and it is very durable which is a huge plus point for people.

Nonetheless, how does granite ends up into a worktop which is installed in your kitchen?

This is a commonly asked question. The first step to making granite worktops is to find out where exactly granite is located. Granite prospecting is carried out for this purpose. Granite mines can be found all around the world but there are some areas in particular which have granite in excessive amounts. Initially, granite was not used because it is extremely strong and hard and cutting it was highly difficult. Either diamond or another piece of granite itself could be used to cut it until power equipment was introduced.

Once a granite mine has been located, the next step is to extract it from the earth by making a quarry. Sawing and drilling are the main ways through which granite extraction from the earth is done. Extraction of blocks of granite is done in a uniform shape to ensure that all blocks remain of the same size. Transportation and cutting can be made easier in this manner. Before moving granite into the processing plant, the colour of granite is sorted at the quarry. If any impurities, like cracks or chunks of different rocks are found in a particular block, it is not used.

Usually quarries are very near to the processing plants but if not, the granite blocks are transported to it via truck. A saw made of granite or a diamond-edged cutter is used for the purpose of cutting the granite. Because of its rough and tough surface, giving granite a form or shape is very difficult and one of the reasons why granite worktops are highly priced. Now the granite has to be cut into slabs of a particular measurement but care should be taken as the slabs are prone to breaking at this time.

When customers want granite worktops, they have to provide a specific measurement of the granite they will need. A list of colours is provided to them for selecting the one they want. The colour is chosen by the customer and the slab is cut according to the measurements provided. We will then install the worktop where you want. Once installation is complete, we spray our granite worktops with a sealant to give them a good finish which makes them a high gloss shine. They will reflect light and become non porous. This is how we form our granite worktops to suit customer specifications!

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