Which Worktop To Use For Remodelling Your kitchen?

Are you bored from your kitchen worktops? Is it missing some color? Are you thinking of remodeling but worried about your tight budget? Are you confused from all the mixed reviews about different worktops? Relax; your agony is almost over. You are about to find the answer to all the previous questions in this conclusive review.

Where Do You Start?

First, you should determine your needs; that is currently the need to change some worktops with minimum effort. Second, you need to decide the properties you are looking for in your new worktops. To start with, the worktop needed should be durable, elegant, possessing a unique appearance, flows well with the atmosphere of the area intended to be installed at and finally cost effective.

If you reach this point where you know exactly what you are hunting for, you can consider your search for a secure, easy and efficient remodel about to end. Thus, let us go through the options you have for your new worktop and remember to keep those misleading reviews all over the web aside, yet, close enough.

Quartz Worktops

Grigio luminoso (3)Quartz worktops might sound like a perfect solution for most people. Hence it might be a good idea to start knowing the reasons behind quartz success in the worktops world. Let’s start by summing up all the positives including appearance, price, heat resistance, stain resistance and clean up.

Quartz comes in a wide range of colors giving loads of options to choose from. The colour variety also enables one to pick the worktop that perfectly suits the design of the room intended for the redecoration project.

Dollar signs are probably coming up right now. There is a good reason for the price difference between quartz and granite for example. Although both resemble each other, quartz has a neater and more systematic look.  Quartz ends up giving a symmetric look, no matter how big or small the cut required is.

In addition, quartz worktops are both heat and scratch resistant. Providing less burdens with maintenance procedures. No worries if a guest drops a glass of juice or a plate on your new quartz worktop. Not a single scratch can occur, making it a stress free environment. Quartz will probably let your kids be kids since no matter how hard they try their heavy tools and fingertips, scratches are not in the book. Luckily, quartz worktops are very easy to clean since they are stain resistant. Easy cleanup is the cherry on top a fantastic worktop.

Granite Worktops

granite-imageEven though granite is usually mixed up with quartz, there is still a big difference between both worktops that deserves noting down before you decide. First of all, granite is a 100% natural stone. That is, when your kitchen has a granite worktop, it means you have a piece of nature possessing that special corner, or better say, making that corner, special.

Furthermore, granite does possess the same heat resistance, scratch resistance and hygienic surface as quartz. Yet, you will definitely spend less time and effort choosing the right granite color to fit your home because, unlike quartz, granite color collection is limited. Nevertheless, granite only needs a soapy cloth to clean. No more hours and hours waste for cleaning up. Long cleaning up processes can indeed strip a lot of valuable time which, instead, could be spent enjoying the whole vibe of the room.

Granite tops still can give you that sparkling appearance whatever color you choose. Yet, do not let that shiny surface deceive you. Since one of the main cons to granite surfaces is the presence of seams which are visible mainly in bright granite colors more than dark ones.

However, granite still gives you the hardness and elegancy of quartz with less price and affordable budget. Moreover, if you choose the right color, shape (to get a seamless slab) and stonemason, you can get a faultless granite masterpiece.

A quick review:

All in all, granite and quartz worktops each have their pros and cons. Nevertheless, they have proved to be the better part of the remodeling bargain. At least, you know what you are buying, and you can trust them for a lifetime without the fear of having to change them every couple of years. Now that you have a closer look at each type, the choice is left for your budget to decide.

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