How To Make Your Granite Countertop Bright and Shiny?

keep your granite shinyWe all know the troubles and arduous tasks it takes to keep your granite countertop surface clean and shiny. However, much as we try, it is inevitable for our worktops to dull up and end up being obsolete, no matter how much polishing we do. Having a dull, chipped countertop is even worse than having to clean and polish your surface every day. Talk about a sight for sore eyes! Here, we offer you some tips and advice that could help you brighten up your granite countertop and get rid of all the scratches and chipped areas; they may come in handy!

1)      The Cleaning: Firstly, you have to clean the countertop, especially the chipped area and its surrounding parts. You can use a mild detergent, lukewarm water and a sponge. Let the sponge absorb the water and the detergent and scrub, scrub, scrub!

2)      The Drying: Then after you cleaned the area well, dry the surface with a dry rag, thoroughly, if there is any residue left, it could be absorbed in the core of the granite surface. After using the rag, it is highly recommended to air the surface for an hour so you’ll be absolutely certain it is not damp.

3)      The Measuring: After you’re sure it’s dry, mark off the chipped area with some masking tape. Remove any objects that is near the chipped area and make sure nothing might come in contact with the damaged area, like a wire or an outlet.

4)      The Mixing: It is most important to put on gloves, the solution used is highly poisonous to the human flesh. After putting on gloves, begin mixing the granite resin and the hardener, just as the instructions say.

5)      The Repairing: Add the solution to the chipped area and use a tongue depressor or something with the same shape and spread it across the chipped area. Use a razor blade to make sure the countertop surface is even and there are no excess.

6)      The Sealing: After you added the epoxy solution, leave it to dry. In normal cases, the epoxy dries out in an hour but it is best to refer to the instructions manual. After it dries out, apply a sealer on it for twenty four hours to brighten up the surface. Finally, remove the masking tape and we can guarantee, it’ll be as good as new.

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