Important Factors in Granite Worktops

granite-worksurfacesRenovating your kitchen is such a tiring process, but definitely rewarding when you finally have the kitchen of your dreams. There are lots of steps in remodeling kitchens; from choosing the cabinets, the appliances, the color scheme, your walls and floors. However, the most important item in any kitchen is the countertop. There are so many materials to choose from in worktops; the most famous material is granite. It is a natural stone that is exceptionally tough and hard-wearing and uniquely beautiful. To make sure that you are picking the perfect granite top for your kitchen, there are some key factors you should pay attention to!

Choosing your supplier

This is a very crucial point! Make sure that you seek a reputable supplier with many years of experiences in the field. Research, read reviews, request samples, do whatever it takes to ensure that you will be getting a top class service with premium granite tops quality. Some questions to ask your supplier will be: years of experience, quality of granite slabs, delivery and installation service, guarantee, maintenance, and after-sale service.

Check the quality of granite and the consistency of its color

There are various granite types with different levels of quality, to guarantee that you are getting a high quality granite slab, always make sure to check the whole slab and not just a small sample. Look at the purity and the smoothness of the surface and the consistency of the color and veining. A high quality granite top is smooth, with a perfect polished surface, with consistent color flow, and with no cracks, seams or blemishes!

Installation and Supply

Solid stones like granite can be very difficult and tricky in matters of delivery and installation; it requires professional and delicate treatment to avoid chipping the surface in delivery or misfitting it during the installation process. Therefore, it is highly advisable to choose a supplier who provides you with both delivery and installation service for your peace of mind.

Taking Care of your granite top

Your granite top’s maintenance and upkeep is very crucial in keeping it in good shape over the years. Apart from the daily cleaning routine that any countertop needs, ask your manufacturer about any special maintenance needed for your granite top. As for the regular resealing process, it is also advisable to have it performed by your manufacture to ensure a high-quality and professional result!

For a premium granite service that covers everything you need with high-quality slabs, spectacular collection and competitive prices, visit and start your kitchen renovation process!

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