How to Design Your Tiny Bathroom?

A bathroom is something hard to design especially when you are starting from scratch. Everyone would like to own a mini spa at home, but to own one there are many details you would have to take care of. Where will the sink and tub go? How big should my mirror be? What color tiles should I use for my floor and walls? Will I have space for a cabinet and laundry basket? How can I accessorize my bathroom to make it a trendier one? If you think it is a hard job to get your bathroom designed, then let me tell you that doing it for a small sized bathroom means double the trouble! The ideal way to get things done perfectly from the first time is to get a specialist interior designer to do it for you. However, if you want to cut down on the costs then the following tips and tricks will definitely come in handy.

• Choosing your colors

The primary challenge in designing a small bathroom is that you want it to feel more spacious. Those who own small bathrooms cannot afford to use dark colored tiles, as it will make the place look even smaller. You want to go for more neutral, light colors like baby pink, light green, beige, sky blue… If you want to add some color to the picture, you can use colors like navy blue, brown, red, or golden to accessorize and limit their use to frames around the mirrors or a belt a few inches from the floor. If your bathroom is not too small, you might afford to have a dark colored floor but keep the walls always with a neutral color as the dominant one.


• Mirrors

Everyone knows that mirrors add space. However, in a tiny bathroom avoid installing an oversized mirror, as it will look totally off. You want one that fits nicely with your sink size. Your mirror should not be wider than your sink’s width.

• Install only what you will use

While it is okay to have unused space in a large bathroom (as long as things still remain cozy), having a crowded over furnished tiny bathroom is unacceptable. It will make your CR look as ridiculous as a two-year-old girl wearing every piece of jewelry her mom owns. We want the place to look as spacious as possible. Keep your weighing scale, hairdryer, extra towels, outside of the bathroom. If you do not have children, you do not need a stool. If you do not normally take baths then install a walk in shower, it occupies less space!

• Accessorize but keep it simple

You do not need to place many accessories to keep your bathroom updated. A small bright flower can add liveliness to the place without overcrowding it. You can place small pictures on the walls but do not overdo it.

• Lighting

You need to keep the place well lit. Beside the bathroom lightening, you need to have extra lightening near the mirror.


Hope these tips helped. Share with us your thoughts and ideas in the comments section.

Which Worktop To Use For Remodelling Your kitchen?

Are you bored from your kitchen worktops? Is it missing some color? Are you thinking of remodeling but worried about your tight budget? Are you confused from all the mixed reviews about different worktops? Relax; your agony is almost over. You are about to find the answer to all the previous questions in this conclusive review.

Where Do You Start?

First, you should determine your needs; that is currently the need to change some worktops with minimum effort. Second, you need to decide the properties you are looking for in your new worktops. To start with, the worktop needed should be durable, elegant, possessing a unique appearance, flows well with the atmosphere of the area intended to be installed at and finally cost effective.

If you reach this point where you know exactly what you are hunting for, you can consider your search for a secure, easy and efficient remodel about to end. Thus, let us go through the options you have for your new worktop and remember to keep those misleading reviews all over the web aside, yet, close enough.

Quartz Worktops

Grigio luminoso (3)Quartz worktops might sound like a perfect solution for most people. Hence it might be a good idea to start knowing the reasons behind quartz success in the worktops world. Let’s start by summing up all the positives including appearance, price, heat resistance, stain resistance and clean up.

Quartz comes in a wide range of colors giving loads of options to choose from. The colour variety also enables one to pick the worktop that perfectly suits the design of the room intended for the redecoration project.

Dollar signs are probably coming up right now. There is a good reason for the price difference between quartz and granite for example. Although both resemble each other, quartz has a neater and more systematic look.  Quartz ends up giving a symmetric look, no matter how big or small the cut required is.

In addition, quartz worktops are both heat and scratch resistant. Providing less burdens with maintenance procedures. No worries if a guest drops a glass of juice or a plate on your new quartz worktop. Not a single scratch can occur, making it a stress free environment. Quartz will probably let your kids be kids since no matter how hard they try their heavy tools and fingertips, scratches are not in the book. Luckily, quartz worktops are very easy to clean since they are stain resistant. Easy cleanup is the cherry on top a fantastic worktop.

Granite Worktops

granite-imageEven though granite is usually mixed up with quartz, there is still a big difference between both worktops that deserves noting down before you decide. First of all, granite is a 100% natural stone. That is, when your kitchen has a granite worktop, it means you have a piece of nature possessing that special corner, or better say, making that corner, special.

Furthermore, granite does possess the same heat resistance, scratch resistance and hygienic surface as quartz. Yet, you will definitely spend less time and effort choosing the right granite color to fit your home because, unlike quartz, granite color collection is limited. Nevertheless, granite only needs a soapy cloth to clean. No more hours and hours waste for cleaning up. Long cleaning up processes can indeed strip a lot of valuable time which, instead, could be spent enjoying the whole vibe of the room.

Granite tops still can give you that sparkling appearance whatever color you choose. Yet, do not let that shiny surface deceive you. Since one of the main cons to granite surfaces is the presence of seams which are visible mainly in bright granite colors more than dark ones.

However, granite still gives you the hardness and elegancy of quartz with less price and affordable budget. Moreover, if you choose the right color, shape (to get a seamless slab) and stonemason, you can get a faultless granite masterpiece.

A quick review:

All in all, granite and quartz worktops each have their pros and cons. Nevertheless, they have proved to be the better part of the remodeling bargain. At least, you know what you are buying, and you can trust them for a lifetime without the fear of having to change them every couple of years. Now that you have a closer look at each type, the choice is left for your budget to decide.

4 Tips to Consider for your next Kitchen Remodelling Project

kitchen-remodelling-tipsKitchen remodeling is at the very top of numerous homeowners’ wish lists. Nonetheless, individuals do not realize the level of work required in this and additionally the irritation they may have to undergo if a huge redecorating project is started by them. A huge remodel may just take up a long time, weeks or months. During this time, you will not have accessibility that is appropriate to your kitchen as well as have to produce alternative agreement inside your home.

Notice that a lot of people end up dissatisfied with the redecorating work. Like employing incompetent contractors, having very large and unrealistic expectations, falling short of this can occur due to a number of reasons. So, it is vital that qualified companies are hired by you, consult with them to create a remodeling strategy that is sound according to your own financial plan and also have realistic expectations regarding the outcome as well as the period it could take for the entire job to be finalized.

Here are few hints to help you if you are thinking of redecorating your kitchen:

1. Have reasonable expectations of the whole price which you might incur. Several instances, the companies will not disclose full costs when they are discussed with by you. Later on, you may incur several additional and unanticipated charges. From more than 1 remodeling contractor, get a quote for this reason. Then you arrive and can compare at a fair estimate. Statistical data reveal that a minor kitchen remodel may possibly cost anywhere around £21,000 while a moderate to major upgrade may cost a lot more than £50,000.

2. You must be very careful in selecting the appropriate contractor for the occupation. An excellent starting-point is to ask for referrals from your friends who have recently done a remodeling in their very own kitchen. You can also do a search on the internet to locate specialist re-modelers. When it is possible to do so, ask the companies to supply you with references of clients for whom they have done remodeling work and get feedback from these clients.

3. When the redecorating work begins, make sure to seal from engaging in different parts of your residence, the kitchen room properly to avoid dust and debris. Ensure that your contractor does not consider this task lightly and properly seals the kitchen with plastic sheeting.

4. Think about just how long the project will take carefully. Most jobs will take much longer than anticipated. You might be given rough estimate by your contractor, make sure you add more time to it. If you do not have practical anticipation about finish time, it will even cause lot of inconvenience and may trigger frustration later on. The following thing is to set up a short-term kitchen in a different section of your property, when you have got appropriate expectation about just how long the work may take. Make sure you select a handy place with accessibility to water and sufficient space.

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Remodel The Unused Space

remodel-used-spaceDo not just remodel your kitchen, dinning room, or bedroom. Rather, remodel your whole house in a way that allows you to use every little space in a perfect way. Using the space around the house is, in fact, the essence of redesigning. If it wasn’t one of the main reasons to start changing how your living place looks and feels like. When it comes to remodeling, the ideas are enormous and endless, yet, do not have to be costly as you might think.

You might be redesigning because you need more room for storage like more cabinets and drawers. Or you might be looking forward to have more space to use around the place, for instance, creating a book nook, or a dog’s little haven. Let me take you through some of the most creative, yet, inexpensive remodeling ideas that you can apply to your house to use that hidden space you have.

Underneath The Stairs
If you have stairs in your house, then you have a whole new space to use that you were totally unaware of. Starting with a small book nook that you can spend your reading times in, or even neat shelves for storing your books. What is more is that your stairs can be used for additional storage by turning each step into storage drawers for shoes or wine collection, or just anything that you need out of your sight! Moreover, the same idea can be used in your storage or guest room as a platform with hidden drawers and storage baseboards. While still being able to use the room regularly.

Outdoor Space
One more usually forgotten space in the house is the outdoor space, or the garden. Instead of using those lost inches in hosting parties, barbecues and enjoying family gatherings, most people use their outdoor space in storing their kids bikes and unused utilities. All you need to do to have a new dining/grilling room with an outstanding view to nature’s beauty is to grab a couple of sofas, chairs, a squared table and an umbrella. In addition to a grill that is safely kept outside the house to be away from children.

Adding a small cabinet that holds juices, wine, and some glasses will give you and your guests that picnic feeling you didn’t have time to have. Furthermore, your outdoor space can also become your yoga and meditation corner with a yoga mat and stereo system.

Remodeling Your Space Can Be Your new Passion.
Finding and using every little space around the house is more than a job. It is rather a talent to be able to turn the smallest room to one that can hold in up to anything and has room for yet more.

What You Need To Know About Quartz?

Grigio luminoso (3)There are so many things you need to know about quartz, things you should be informed about before you decide on buying a quartz countertop. Some of the answers to your questions are very interesting, and we have rounded up the most common questions asked and we have added them here for you to read! Quartz countertops have invaded the market in the past few years, and soon established itself as a strong rival to natural stones like granite and marble. The reason behind quartz’s wide popularity is that it combines the best of both worlds; the beauty and look of granite and exceptional strength and functionality that only an engineered stone can provide! Therefore, it is the ideal option for those who are looking for a beautiful and a practical work surface.

How Quartz is manufactured?

Quartz countertops are manufactured by blending a mixture of 93% natural quartz crystals and from 5 to 7% polymer, resins and any other binding agent. Pigment is also added to the mixture to stain the surface with the array of hues available in quartz. Moreover, being such a versatile material, quartz can be provided in numerous patterns and veining such as metal, glass or mirror flecks which add more depth and sophistication to the top.

A Close-Up on Quartz Worktops!

Quartz is such a wieldy material that it can be fabricated to look like almost any natural stone you want; granite, marble, or limestone. The edge in quartz countertops is that unlike natural stones; it features a uniform and consistent surface without any visible blemishes or blotches. The consistency of the color and pattern make it an ideal choice for large application like a kitchen Island or a work surface, as it can be supplied and installed as one slab without any seams or visible joints ruining the look of your top!

The Edges of Quartz

Quartz is the third strongest mineral in the earth’s crust; it comes right after diamond and granite. This is the main reason behind its popularity in the industry of kitchen worktops! It features a very solid and hard-wearing surface that is highly resistant to chips and dents accidents that often occur in an active room like the kitchen. Not only this, quartz can tolerate very high temperature; winning in this over granite. In terms of maintenance and cleaning; quartz is almost maintenance-free as it features a non-porous surface that is highly-stain resistant. Cleaning a quartz countertop only needs a wet rag and a mild soap and it does not require the regular resealing like granite. This also makes quartz absolutely hygienic with no room whatsoever for bacteria harboring or contamination!

Things to be cautious about!

Quartz comes in a plethora of colors and veining and can be provided in almost any shade or pattern; however, its consistent visual appearance may not appeal to those who appreciate the subtlety and originality of granite. Also, the seams between the joints are more visible in quartz, especially with the lighter shades.

Quartz is also a very heavy material that needs special treatment. Therefore, it is highly recommended to seek professional help for the installation of quartz.

Lastly, quartz is not a cheap material. Its price is quite comparable to granite, thus it may not be affordable to everyone. But quartz’s durability and strength will make it a long-term investment that lasts for years!

Weighing the pros and cons of any material will allow you to make a sound decision; in this case quartz tick all the boxes of the essential qualities in any kitchen worktops, while its disadvantages are not really a drawback in its solid popularity! That’s the only disadvantage, and it isn’t really a disadvantage, since it would be more available for you. Also, quartz countertops are solely made to make sure you don’t waste any unnecessary money, energy or any of your time on sealing. So, all in all, using quartz as your countertop surface substance is just an advantage for you and nothing else.

So think of your choice wisely and carefully. If you have any questions, we are more than happy to help and answer any of those questions for you.

Stand-up qualities found in any other natural stones

Best Quality GraniteMarble and quartz have been the leading materials for the installation companies, since  they have been introduced as countertop materials. Not anymore! Nowadays, clients from our firm and others have disagreed, believing they have found another component that is like no other. Granite has been discovered as one of the few other minerals used for countertop or worktop surfaces. Along with stainless steel, this rock has been on-demand and pushed to the top, becoming the most popular mineral used. These two materials are also the most wanted raw materials for the installation countertop surface industry.

Why Granite as the top most homeowner choice?

Granite has stand-up qualities that are not found in any other raw material used for countertops. It can handle immeasurable heat and pressure, and it is scratch resistant. These are two of the most important qualities found in this igneous rock. Also, another very helpful and impressive thing is that granite is not residual, which means it doesn’t absorb residue into its core; it also doesn’t sweep up any liquids or stains. A lot of good things about granite are found, because granite has proven to help the installation industry. It is also cheap and efficient in budget.

Besides the fact that granite has a lot of impressive characteristics that make it irreplaceable, there are also a lot of varieties in color and design. Most people, our clients included, believed that granite came in one color and one design: yellow, sandy, and the design of grainy sand. That is not true! Granite comes in all shades from pastel pink to midnight black. It also has a lot of designs that make it worthwhile, besides from our designers who are professionals at drawing patterns, we give our clients the opportunity to draw up their own design and we can create it for them on their granite countertop.

Enjoy the Surface Bling without having to care much

For homeowners, especially, you may find granite has a helping hand in the house. Instead of other materials like marble, you don’t have to stress on cleaning your countertop surfaces if you used granite. Throw out all those “special ointments” and “specialized bleachers”, you won’t need them at all! All you will need to clean your granite countertop with is a rag, lukewarm water (and if it is a rough stain, some mild detergent.) Also, no need to polish or brighten your countertop, granite has a natural brightening and polishing glow that does not tarnish with time.  

How To Make Your Granite Countertop Bright and Shiny?

keep your granite shinyWe all know the troubles and arduous tasks it takes to keep your granite countertop surface clean and shiny. However, much as we try, it is inevitable for our worktops to dull up and end up being obsolete, no matter how much polishing we do. Having a dull, chipped countertop is even worse than having to clean and polish your surface every day. Talk about a sight for sore eyes! Here, we offer you some tips and advice that could help you brighten up your granite countertop and get rid of all the scratches and chipped areas; they may come in handy!

1)      The Cleaning: Firstly, you have to clean the countertop, especially the chipped area and its surrounding parts. You can use a mild detergent, lukewarm water and a sponge. Let the sponge absorb the water and the detergent and scrub, scrub, scrub!

2)      The Drying: Then after you cleaned the area well, dry the surface with a dry rag, thoroughly, if there is any residue left, it could be absorbed in the core of the granite surface. After using the rag, it is highly recommended to air the surface for an hour so you’ll be absolutely certain it is not damp.

3)      The Measuring: After you’re sure it’s dry, mark off the chipped area with some masking tape. Remove any objects that is near the chipped area and make sure nothing might come in contact with the damaged area, like a wire or an outlet.

4)      The Mixing: It is most important to put on gloves, the solution used is highly poisonous to the human flesh. After putting on gloves, begin mixing the granite resin and the hardener, just as the instructions say.

5)      The Repairing: Add the solution to the chipped area and use a tongue depressor or something with the same shape and spread it across the chipped area. Use a razor blade to make sure the countertop surface is even and there are no excess.

6)      The Sealing: After you added the epoxy solution, leave it to dry. In normal cases, the epoxy dries out in an hour but it is best to refer to the instructions manual. After it dries out, apply a sealer on it for twenty four hours to brighten up the surface. Finally, remove the masking tape and we can guarantee, it’ll be as good as new.

To know more call our representatives and they will assist you in any query related to Granite or Quartz.

Important Factors in Granite Worktops

granite-worksurfacesRenovating your kitchen is such a tiring process, but definitely rewarding when you finally have the kitchen of your dreams. There are lots of steps in remodeling kitchens; from choosing the cabinets, the appliances, the color scheme, your walls and floors. However, the most important item in any kitchen is the countertop. There are so many materials to choose from in worktops; the most famous material is granite. It is a natural stone that is exceptionally tough and hard-wearing and uniquely beautiful. To make sure that you are picking the perfect granite top for your kitchen, there are some key factors you should pay attention to!

Choosing your supplier

This is a very crucial point! Make sure that you seek a reputable supplier with many years of experiences in the field. Research, read reviews, request samples, do whatever it takes to ensure that you will be getting a top class service with premium granite tops quality. Some questions to ask your supplier will be: years of experience, quality of granite slabs, delivery and installation service, guarantee, maintenance, and after-sale service.

Check the quality of granite and the consistency of its color

There are various granite types with different levels of quality, to guarantee that you are getting a high quality granite slab, always make sure to check the whole slab and not just a small sample. Look at the purity and the smoothness of the surface and the consistency of the color and veining. A high quality granite top is smooth, with a perfect polished surface, with consistent color flow, and with no cracks, seams or blemishes!

Installation and Supply

Solid stones like granite can be very difficult and tricky in matters of delivery and installation; it requires professional and delicate treatment to avoid chipping the surface in delivery or misfitting it during the installation process. Therefore, it is highly advisable to choose a supplier who provides you with both delivery and installation service for your peace of mind.

Taking Care of your granite top

Your granite top’s maintenance and upkeep is very crucial in keeping it in good shape over the years. Apart from the daily cleaning routine that any countertop needs, ask your manufacturer about any special maintenance needed for your granite top. As for the regular resealing process, it is also advisable to have it performed by your manufacture to ensure a high-quality and professional result!

For a premium granite service that covers everything you need with high-quality slabs, spectacular collection and competitive prices, visit and start your kitchen renovation process!